Web Design

Evaluating a website design or a developer’s skill is very challenging if you do not know what to look for.
Think of a web site as an 8-cylinder engine, if any one piston is not working, then performance will suffer, as follows:

1. Content - you must have a high quanity and high quality of valuable and unique content
2. Organization - layout and navigation must be quick and intuitive
3. Graphic Design - The site must provide the best “first impression” possible
4. Programming - The site must offer at least the minimal expected functions
5. Analysis - understand the stats from your site to identify opportunities to improveme
6. Conversion - implemented the best practicesto convert visitors into customers
7. Search Engine Optimization - where does the site rank
8. Social Media - Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages linked to the site

So when reviewing a developers work, you need to look beyond the first impression and look at the functions built in, how well does it rank on google, is there enough content and is it written well, does it it have social action buttons for facebook / twitter / google+ / linked in, etc. . .

Few “web designers” offer any experience or skill in all these areas. It is common for a developer to be strong in only one or two areas of development. That is why there are so many “cheap” developers out there, and people hiring them have a hard time understanding who is good and who is not, when we web developers all look the same.

Your company's website design can not afford being entrusted to the lowest bidder. Only a well-balanced design will help your company achieve all it's objectives relating to the website.
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