The client's previous catalog utilized 52 pages to communicate the same we were able to effectively communicate in only 16 pages, without loss of any primary details.  The previous catalog utilized the full engineering specifications for each type of heatsink listed. . . and each series had much duplicate content in regards to mounting methods and other technical dedetails.  Additionally, separate pages were given to product series of similar designs (for example there are 5 different families of aluminum plate fun heatsinks.  By merging these similar families into one selecrtion table, we were able to reduce about 20 pages.
The end result is the client now has a more "printable" company profile, capabilities and standard product selection guide that they can print on demand (for example, 500 pieces costs less than $1,000 to print), versus a massive catalog that required minimum order quantities of at least 1,000 at a cost of $4-5 per printed piece.
Here are the links for a detailed comparison:
New Catalog - 16 pages
Old Catalog - 52 pages
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