Client tasked me to create a new advertisement for their ultra-compact microwave filters because their previous designer was too busy.  When the client showed me the previous design,  I found myself wondering, who is employing these low-quality designers so heavily that they are unavailable for work?  Critical issues in the old design are:

* Logo is in raster image format instead of a vector Illustration, causing the logo to become pixellated and distorted when printed (max resolution of 300 DPI for raster images versus 1200 DPI for Vector Illustrations, or a quality reduction of 75%).
* The biggest text is "Market", so at a glance a designing engineer might think this about investments
* Pick a color. - White, green, blue, red, black. . . .
* Pick a font - I see 7 different font styles when there only 8 text areas
* The least visible content is the contact information
* The company profile information is barely readable
* This is supposed to appeal to designing engineers, they like some actual technical details

To support this project, I re-created the customer's logo using Adobe Illustrator to ensure their brand identity is managed properly. I pulled a lot more detail I found from their website into a clean, clear and concise layout.  I utilized a background image that is wavy to infer some relation to the microwave industry, while making it subtle enough to place text on top of it without making it difficult to read.  I added a copious amount of small ictures beneath a short bulrb about the company to illustrate, they had a lot more to offer without having to spell out all their capabilities and products.

This project took less than 3 hours to complete and cost the client $300.
So first is the old design:
. . . and then the new design
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